Autism in Poetry

Poem by Amy - I'm sorry

I’m sorry for being forgetful,

It’s something I dislike,

Often it makes me fretful,

I don’t understand my own Psych.

I’m sorry that sound hurts my ears,

That light hurts my eyes,

Often it brings me to tears,

Of that, I tell no lies.

I’m sorry if I’m not enough,

Sometimes I wish I could change,

But changing would be so rough,

For my self would never be the same.

I’m sorry I find people hard to decipher,

some things my mind can’t read,

But I’d appreciate it if you were nicer,

To others of my creed.

I’m sorry that heat burns,

That touch can send me to shock ,

These things cause concerns,

make me need to move, wave and rock.

I’m sorry for my mind is different,

But in many ways we’re the same,

People can be so ignorant,

But my hardships are no game.

I’m sorry if you don’t get me,

Many simply never will,

But if you could only try to see me,

It would make me feel less ill.

I’m sorry for saying this word so much,

Because I shouldn’t have to,

Who I am is good, something to keep, something to clutch,

Who I am is more than pleasing you.

I’m sorry for hating who I am sometimes,

for hurting myself that way,

Things are just hard at times,

But who I am is here to stay.

You know what, I don’t want to say it now,

Don’t want to apologise for being true,

Others like me can show me how,

To be me, not change myself for you.

Being Autistic is not bad, sometimes even fantastic,

I see the world in a way that is so intense,

For maybe I don’t get when people are sarcastic,

But who I am, my joys, to me, make sense.


By Amy, Autistic Individual

An image of Amy, an autistic lady stood outside with trees behind her and a lake in front of her. Amy is wearing a yellow jumper and smiling at the camera
Amy, Autistic Individual
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