Identifying strengths via Skillsbuilder

We are delighted to launch skillsbuilder across our services, helping fine tune our support to individual needs

Autism Plus is delighted to be working with the Skillsbuilder Partnership to launch a brand new platform for our jobseekers.

We are currently in the process of rolling our a new way of tracking distant travelled for our jobseekers, helping them to work through a range of initial assessments to understand their strengths and skills as well as areas for improvement through the highly recommended and bespoke skillsbuilder platform.

Skillsbuilder is extremely popular in education settings and we are delighted to role this out across our service, allowing us not only to identify specific skill sets for our jobseekers but to continue to assess distance travelled and how we can personalise our support to specific individual needs and skill sets.

For anyone wanting to know more about skillsbuilder take a look at their website The Skills Builder Partnership

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