Author: Suzanne Eusman

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14th July 2024

Our team continues to grow!

We are delighted to have Simon and Claire join our Sheffield team

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17th June 2024

Welcome to our New Team Members!

We are delighted to welcome 3 new team members across our Employment Services – Take a look to find out more

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14th June 2024

Farewell Amy!

Amy from our Sheffield team has departed on her travels across Australia

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13th June 2024

New Multiply Doncaster project for 2024

We are delighted to have a new offer for 2024 for individuals living in Doncaster seeking to improve numeracy skills

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6th June 2024

Introducing our NEW East Riding project

We are delighted to launch our NEW East Riding employment project for neurodivergent adults

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15th April 2024

Exciting opportunity to join our team!

Due to our success in securing new projects we are delighted to open up vacancies to join our team as a Specialist Employment Coach in York, East Riding or Sheffield.

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1st February 2024

New project: Bridging the Gap

We are delighted to be working in partnership with VAS and other organisations across Sheffield to bring an exciting new pilot project starting in February 2024.

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11th January 2024

First Multiply course delivered in Doncaster

Our first session for adults with autism and learning disabilities under our Multiply project has now taken place. Supporting individuals to increase numeracy skills whilst working towards securing employment.

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5th January 2024

Support now available to young adults age 16+ in Sheffield

We are delighted to announce that our Pathways to Success project is now accepting referrals from young adults from the age of 16 upwards. 

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4th January 2024

Thinking about fundraising: Autism Awareness week?

We are currently in need of your donations to help us run our next specialist job fair later in 2024. If you are thinking about planning a fundraising event either as an individual or within your business then there are ways in which you can support us.

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2nd January 2024

E-News now launched!

We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new employment services e-news from January 2024 onwards.

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20th November 2023

New fully funded programme in Doncaster

Brand new employability project for adults with autism and learning disabilities living in the Doncaster area. With a focus on those with lower than level 2 maths qualifications.

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A picture of people sat in a training room looking at Suzanne our Head of Employment who is delivering a training session on Neurodiversity in the Workplace
16th November 2023

Launching a webinar series for 2024

If you are an employer seeking to understand more about neurodiversity in the workplace then take a look at our events page and book onto our free webinars throughout 2024.

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16th November 2023

Identifying strengths via Skillsbuilder

We are delighted to launch skillsbuilder across our services, helping fine tune our support to individual needs.

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An image of Amy, an autistic lady stood outside with trees behind her and a lake in front of her. Amy is wearing a yellow jumper and smiling at the camera
17th October 2023

Autism in Poetry

A poem about Autism by Amy, an Autistic Individual.

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A picture of a training room at Belfast City Hall with people sat at round tables talking at a training session our Head of Employment delivered on Neurodiversity at Work
20th January 2023

IEP Mini Summit in Belfast

Our Head of Specialist Employment Services participated in a mini-summit as part of employability and skills programme.

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