Local Supported Employment (LSE) Project

Support for adults with autism and learning disabilities in Wakefield District

Support for adults with autism and learning disabilities in Wakefield District 

The programme is aimed at anyone with autism and learning disabilities who is living in the Wakefield District area, over the age of 18 and not in employment, education, or training.  

The aim of the programme is to support adults through the five-stage supported employment model, providing personalised to one-to-one intensive support to overcome barriers, progress towards and sustain employment long term. 

Support will have a focus on the following journey towards securing and sustaining work, our team will help with:  

  • Client engagement: Supporting individuals to access the programme at a time and place that suits them 
  • Vocational profiling: Supporting individuals to recognise their strengths and skills and develop goals and aspirations 
  • Job finding: Helping individuals to develop employability skills, support with job applications, interview practice and understanding how to connect with employers 
  • Employer engagement: We will be working with employers alongside the support to identify vacancies and opportunities to suit the needs of those on our programme 
  • On and off the job support: Enabling individuals to access support in the workplace from job coaching, mentoring as well as support and awareness for the employer 


To be eligible for this programme you must meet the following criteria:

  • Live in Wakefield District Area 
  • Be over the age of 18  
  • Have autism and / or a learning disability 
  • Not be in employment, education or training 
  • Not be currently accessing another DWP funded programme 

How to access this programme  

Contact us on:  

Employmentsupport@autismplus.co.uk or on 0114 3840300. 

Our Supported Employment Key Worker will contact you to arrange an initial appointment. If you would like us to contact someone on your behalf, then please let us know when you get in touch.  

“From getting in touch with Autism Plus our journey has been spot on My son has found his support worker has put him as ease and has broken things down to bite size pieces of work for my son.

I can only speak very highly of the support given to my son so far. Communication is very open and if any issues or concerns we can communicate this and keep each other updated on  where things are and at. I am so pleased that this kind of service is available as a concerned parent of a son with some disabilities

I was really worried about his future I can at least have some piece of mind in knowing he will gain further skills in helping him in becoming more independent”

Tracie, Mum of autistic young person accessing our LSE project
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