SHINE – East Riding

SHINE (Supporting Health Interventions, Neurodiversity and Employment)

SHINE, is a support programme for adults in East Riding who are economically inactive, and have neurodivergent needs, seeking support to engage with employment and/or training.

What support does the programme offer? 

Our support offers individuals one to one support and guidance to overcome barriers to employment and progress towards sustainable employment. The project is designed to help break down barriers to employment and offer individualised support. This combination of support is designed to improve people’s health, confidence, skills, circumstances and ultimately their employability, moving them closer towards a position where they are thriving in their lives.

SHINE doesn’t have a defined length of support. On average, participants stay on the project for between 3-6 months, but this can be extended if required and appropriate.

Who is eligible? 

To be eligible for this support individuals must meet the following criteria:

  • Be over the age of 18
  • Live in the East Riding area
  • Have a neurodivergent need (formal diagnosis not required)
  • Not be attending another council funded employment project
  • Be unemployed

How do I access this support? 

To access this support you just need to contact our team with your name, email and telephone number and location or where you live and we will arrange to come and meet you for an initial appointment.

You can contact our team via email or phone or 01143840284

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