Strategies for the workplace: ADHD

Settling into a workplace and knowing what support you need is not always easy. Asking for help is sometimes even harder.

This resource will give you some ideas on strategies you can use to help you at work

There are a few things to consider when looking at support needs in the workplace if you have ADHD. This can be dependent on how much or little your ADHD affects you at work.


Some adults with ADHD struggle with timekeeping for instance and have challenges with “time blindness” meaning getting to work on time can be difficult. It is worth trying to set reminders throughout your morning on your phone that sets off a small alarm when you need to do things, this will help keep you on track and stop you from procrastinating over other things.

Getting started in a morning

Procrastination is a big challenge for many adults with ADHD, particularly if you are faced with several big tasks to get started on during a day. The way to manage this is to write a clear list and break the big tasks into smaller chunks and things you can do. Start your day by picking some smaller simpler tasks to get started with, this will give you a sense of achievement but will also get you started in a morning.


Adults with ADHD can often struggle with distractions in a workplace and loose focus. Find a discreet way of telling colleagues when you need to not be disturbed, this could be wearing headsets and having music on quietly to help block out other noises and distractions. It could also be to think about your positioning in the workplace and where possible work in a corner with less passing traffic of other people.


Having the ability to move around or have something to fidget with can make a big difference to adults with ADHD at work, this could be anything from having a pile of paperclips on your desk that you can fidget with when in meetings to having a sit/stand desk to allow you to adjust your workspace often to keep you moving. This could also involve having regular shorter breaks to give you movement time and allow you to refocus.

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