Tips for employers – Dyslexia

Dyslexia is not just about challenges with reading and writing, this can also affect your employees memory processing and ability to recall information

If you have not already done so then take a read of our What is Dyslexia resource to understand the full extent of the condition and how this can impact on adults in the workplace.

This resource provides you with a few tips on how you can effectively support employees with Dyslexia at work.


Think about your IT equipment and software. Do the programmes you use have accessibility functions and allow the employee to adapt text size, adjust background and text colours? if not then consider purchasing an accessibility app, there are various apps available on the internet that can offer these functions for a small fee.

Speech to Text Solutions

Consider exploring speech to text solutions to allow your employee to read out reports or information and the computer to transcribe this into text. Microsoft now offers this as an inbuilt accessibility function so familiarise yourself with its functions and support your employee to know how to use this at work.

Note taking/ Minutes

If your employee is expected to attend meetings and remember lots of information then provide support with note taking, either ask a colleague to make notes for your employee or provide a written summary of the meeting and key information and any actions you need the employee to follow.

Providing information in advance

Ensure documents are distributed in advance of meetings to allow the employee time to take in the information, process this and be able to consider their contribution.

Alternative Paper

Many adults with dyslexia may need different coloured paper or overlays in order to read information more easily. Speak to your employee about what colours and fonts work best for them and provide reports or notes in different coloured paper where required.


This list of ideas is not exhaustive but will hopefully help your employee to overcome some of the key challenges they may be facing at work.

To find out more about dyslexia take a look at our training for employers page.

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