Adam’s Story

Adam progressed from not engaging at all to attending volunteering independently through the support offered on our RISE programme

On the first few occasions of meeting with Adam he talked very little and hid behind the chair with his hoody on. Over the sessions he progressed to being on the computer until eventually he would talk directly to our team member. During the visits we supported mum with the application for PIP and UC50 form. Once Adam was more accepting of our input, we moved on to learning about CV’s. Adam found this challenging because he had no experience other than college and that had been supported with an EHCP. 

“​It has been a good start to moving forward from where I started​. Getting out and learning new stuff has been great and everyone is so friendly.”

Quote from Adam

Once Adam had built up some confidence with our support, we looked at volunteer opportunities that would assist Adam with self-esteem and confidence. After looking at a few options related to gardening, we found none supportive enough. The Autism Plus Chocolate shop & café in Easingwold had openings so we went for a visit. Adam was welcomed by Jane and the rest of the staff, also volunteers. Adam agreed to try it with my support. Every week we attended, and Adam became more confident with the staff as he learnt about making coffee, the displays, the health and safety requirements. After a few weeks he attended without our Employment Coach support, and he successfully attends weekly. He feels he has support there and they want him around. 

Adam using his new skills to make a hot chocolate for a customer

Through attending the service Adam has become more confident and his self-esteem has improved. He gets up, washes and dresses to attend the volunteering. He meets new people and is able to socialise with them a lot easier. He does still require support but is more willing to take from the appropriate person rather than the one he knows well. He is able to attend the volunteering weekly and by doing so is learning transferable skills that he will be able to use in paid employment in the future. 

“You are one of the few people who truly ‘got’ Adam. You have supported us both. The café has given Adam a reason to leave the house and a purpose. I was watching him last week smiling. That is such a big thing for him. The project has given Adam hope for the future” 

Message from Adams mum to our Employment Coach
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