Cameron’s Story

Cameron first came to Autism Plus in March 2023 accessing our Sheffield based employability project for autistic adults. Cameron had been unemployed over a year when he came to us for support in finding paid employment.

Cameron had previously accessed employability projects but had not yet found a role to suit him. He had a few ideas of what he would like to do and these were mechanic, HGV driver or becoming a welder. Our team supported Cameron to apply for a mechanics course, but unfortunately the company closed down prior to the opportunity coming through. We then worked with Cameron to identify different pathways and our team contacted Momentum Training after identifying a new welding course they were delivering.

Cameron was delighted when he found out that he had got a place on the course, we worked with Momentum to ensure he had the right support in place and he worked his way through the course completing both level 1 and level 2.

Due to his progress on the initial levels, Cameron was then offered the level 3 course as he had completed the first 2 courses in record time. Whilst completing his level 3, Momentum identified companies who were interested in welders and introduced Cameron to a local employer. With the preparation our team had given to Cameron and the support he received on his course Cameron felt confident to tackle the job interview and was over the moon when he was offered the position at Hadee. We are so proud of Cameron, who is is still employed with Hadee and has now taken his external welding exam which means he is now a fully qualified welder.

“Autism Plus has helped me into gaining employment in a new path which I never thought I would take.”


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