Joe’s Story

Joe came to our service on long-term sick leave, lacking confidence and feeling lost. We worked with him to identify his challenges and set clear goals for his return to work. We also worked with his employer to develop a support plan.

Due to restructuring at his workplace, Joe’s job role was changing, along with his location and the number of sites where he would be based. These changes were too overwhelming for Joe, and he decided that the role was no longer right for him.

We helped Joe identify alternative opportunities and came across a role at SAANS (Sheffield Adult Autism and Neurodevelopment Service). Given the team’s understanding of autism, we thought this would be a good fit for Joe.

We supported Joe with interview practice and discussed adjustments he could request for the interview. We were delighted when he was offered the job.

Joe has now started his new role and is back at work full-time, happier than he has been in a long time. We are continuing to support him through our Access to Work program to help him settle in.

We are proud to have helped Joe return to work in a new role that is a better fit for him. We look forward to seeing how he settles in and continues to thrive.

Image of Joe stood outside his workplace smiling with his hands in his pockets
Joe outside his workplace
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