Jordan’s Story

Jordan came to Autism Plus through the Work and Health program, in partnership with Reed. Initially hesitant about extra support, he realized he needed help finding employment. With limited experience and uncertainty about his desired career, Jordan faced additional barriers such as low self-confidence and anxiety. He was eager to work but struggling to secure interviews. Disclosure of his disability was also new to him.

We helped Jordan to create his CV and identify suitable job roles, including long-term goals like working in a school. He began volunteering at the Salvation Army once a week, gaining confidence and developing his skillset. The experience also provided customer service and retail exposure. With this new knowledge, we began exploring retail positions.

We supported Jordan in identifying and improving his skills, and assisted him with completing job applications. When he received interview invitations, we helped him to prepare and feel more confident. When Jordan’s support from Reed ended, he was able to continue with us through our ESF program.


“Over the last 2 years I have watched Jordan change so much. He is a different person from then to the one that I know now. When I first met Jordan, he lacked in confidence and had no direction of what he wanted to do. Now he is starting to put himself and his happiness first, he is doing well at work. I am very proud of how far Jordan has come!”

Fiona, Specialist Employment Coach (Autism Plus)

Jordan successfully secured a part-time role at Heron Frozen Foods. We continue to support him through Access to Work, which he finds beneficial. We have worked with Jordan and his manager to ensure he is settled in the workplace and understands his role as well as an understanding of procedures at work. For example, we helped him learn how to check his wage slips and book annual leave, tasks he had never done before.

Jordan has excelled in his role, overcoming many challenges. He has now been with the company for over 12 months and continues to thrive.

“Autism Plus are a very welcoming organisation that catered to my needs. Motivating me to get into work, taking the time to know what I wanted to do rather than pushing me into a career I did not want. We looked at different jobs then the route into that role. I had lots of barriers to overcome when I started, and we worked through them one by one. They were brilliant with me!

Now I am back in paid work, having the in-work support allows me to see things from a different perspective and I find this very beneficial. I am grateful for the ongoing support.”

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