Toby’s Story

Toby started support with the employment team when he needed in work support through Access to work. It was soon clear that this employment was not right for Toby and we supported him to find work more suited to his strengths, skills, interests and goals.

We are now supporting Toby to explore options such as self-employment in gardening or horticulture opportunities and this is an area he is keen to grow over the coming months. Not only do we support our customers in their search for employment, we also encourage and support them to follow their interests. Toby is a keen artist and we have helped Toby pursue his interest in Art. He recently completed a painting of our Sheffield office and the river when it was flooded in November 2019. Toby has kindly donated his painting to us and it hangs pride of place in our office.

We have also supported Toby to join different art groups where he has developed his skills in animation. He has also joined an art community which will be promoting his work in a gallery and where his work will be sold.

This has had a huge impact on his confidence and has also allowed him to develop strong social skills and  friendships. This has also improved his mental health.

Looking towards the future, Toby is keen to combine his self-employed gardening work with selling his artwork and would also like to look into eco gardening. He would also like to run art sessions at Autism Plus to promote social skills and improve mental health for our clients.


“ Autism Plus helped me through a very difficult time at work. Now they are helping me with plans for the future. It has been an extremely positive experience working with Autism Plus.”

Picture of a gentleman stood next to a painting on the wall of buildings and a river
Toby with a picture he painted of our Sheffield office at Autism Plus during the 2019 floods
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