Understanding Access to Work

Access to Work is a government scheme to facilitate support in the workplace and job retention for individuals with disability or health needs.

It is more commonly known to provide funding for physical workplace adjustments for adults with physical impairments, however it can also provide funding for much more than this.

This resource is a short guide to what Access to Work is and the support that we can provide through this scheme.

What is the purpose of Access to Work?

  • Provides funding to make workplace adjustments (physical, equipment, software, training or support workers)
  • Funding depends on
    • How long employee has worked with organisation
    • Extent of needs of individual
    • Size of company
    • Type of support required

Putting support in place quickly

If you are about to onboard a neurodivergent adult then it is important to speak to them before they start about what support they might need. At the moment Access to Work are taking 5 months to process applications for existing employees, therefore if you wait until after they start you will have a long wait for funding. New job applications are being fast tracked so if you get an application in before the persons start date, the funding is likely to be in place from the day they start.

Our team can support with the whole application process so do get in touch before putting in your claim so that we can advice you on this process and what to include in your application.

What support can Autism Plus provide through this scheme?

We offer coaching/ mentoring support to neurodivergent employees, our support is entirely person-centred. We will help the employee to develop a comprehensive support plan representing their needs, and provide ongoing support to help individuals sustain employment ongoing.

Mentor support also includes: ​
  • A point of contact for yourself and the employee should any issues arise​
  • Support to navigate to a positive and constructive outcome​
  • Regular meetings between you and your employee to talk about each other’s concerns​
  • Support to help the individual work with others on your team and to grow in confidence​
  • Funded workplace training (this is available free as part of the Access to Work application)


Get in touch with our team to discuss your employees needs and we will support you with the application process and advice on the best support for your employees.

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