Welcome to a place of empowerment and opportunity – Autism Plus Specialist Employment Services

Our commitment is unwavering: to unleash the potential of Neurodivergent individuals and support them into a world of paid employment, where their unique strengths and contributions are celebrated.

Guiding Neurodivergent individuals towards success

At Autism Plus, our aim throughout all our services is to transform potential into reality. Our specialist services support Neurodivergent individuals across the United Kingdom to take confident strides toward paid employment. Through funded regional programs, we are bringing the dream of employment closer to reality. But our mission does not stop there. Nationally, we extend our reach through Access to Work, ensuring those already employed receive the support they need to not only keep their jobs but thrive in them.

Fostering inclusivity in workplaces

We are not just advocates for job seekers: we are champions for change in workplaces. We collaborate with employers to foster a deeper understanding of neurodiversity. From breaking down workplace barriers to making necessary adjustments, our expertise supports employers in creating inclusive environments that amplify the strengths of every team member.


We are dedicated to raising awareness around neurodiversity on a broader scale. Through comprehensive training, we enlighten employers across the United Kingdom, equipping them with the knowledge and tools needed to cultivate diverse, thriving workplaces. By increasing understanding and awareness, we are determined to bring about change in workplaces.

Every day, we take steps toward a future where neurodiversity is not just accepted – it is celebrated. Join us on this journey of empowerment, education, and transformation.

“Accessing Autism Plus Specialist Employment support was something I was a really reluctant about in the early days. I thought that because I was already in work I shouldn’t need support but I am very glad now that I was able to use their services as it really has been life changing for me.  And I really can’t thank them enough.”

Quote from an autistic individual who accesses our services
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