We are here to support you on your employment journey, whether that is to find work, stay in work, move to a new sector or progress in your career, our team is here to help 

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We know that each person's employment journey is as individual as they are

Sometimes during an individuals journey, there are hurdles along the way. Some of these hurdles can seem overwhelming and at times feel like you are blocked and cannot move forward.

Maybe you have had a bad past experience and are struggling to know what to do now to move forward again, or you have had a late diagnosis and are struggling to navigate this and understand your needs in the workplace.

Our team is here to help you navigate challenges at all stages of your employment journey. We are here to provide you with the guidance, tools, and encouragement to get you ready for, secure, and thrive in the workplace.

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Whether you at the beginning of your career or seeking to advance, we can help

Our commitment is to help you achieve your employment goals and make the most of your unique strengths.

You may need help to develop confidence, or to overcome specific challenges, deal with past experiences or support to believe in yourself again.

We support many people who have had a late diagnosis and want to explore new opportunities as part of the process of learning more about themselves and their needs.

Take a look at our programmes and explore our various support we have across the UK, whether you are in work, seeking work or just diagnosed and already employed but wondering what support is out there. We are certain we have a programme to suit your needs.

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Our service supports adults of all ages, of all ability levels

Whether you are just starting out and need guidance on what options there are available or whether you are a civil engineer, retail worker, police officer, cyber security expert or biomedical scientist, our services cater for everyone.

We personalise our services around your individual needs, providing bespoke one to one support. We might not be an expert in cybersecurity or be able to understand the workings of biomedical science but we can support your Neurodivergent needs and help you better manage your disability at work – enabling you to focus on your job, whilst we help you to navigate the aspects of the workplace that you find more challenging. 

Whatever your need, skill level or experience, early or late diagnosis we are certain we can support you in your journey.


Follow the links below to read more about our support from one off sessions to ongoing support in the workplace. You can also explore our programmes to find out about programmes of support in your local area.

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