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We are here to support individuals with Neurodivergent conditions on their employment pathways

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Guiding Neurodivergent individuals towards success

We are committed to creating a brighter future for Neurodivergent adults, ensuring they have the opportunity to thrive in the workplace.

We rely on the generous support of individuals and organisations who share our vision of a more inclusive workforce. Fundraising plays a vital role in enabling us to provide tailored employment support, training, and resources that empower Neurodivergent adults to unlock their full potential. If you can help us, please donate.


How we can help

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We offer a range of resources on our website for individuals and employers to provide support and guidance.

Whether you are seeking information about Neurodivergent conditions, advice for job interviews, help with seeking a diagnosis, or guidance for employers on creating neurodiversity-friendly workplaces, our comprehensive collection of resources has got you covered.

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