Image of chairman of North Yorkshire council with a big gold chain on shaking hands with Jack an autistic gentleman

Discover ways to get involved with Autism Plus Specialist Employment Services

At Autism Plus Specialist Employment Services, we value the support and involvement of our community. Your participation makes a meaningful difference in the lives of Neurodivergent individuals.

Whether you want to extend your support through fundraising, eager to attend an event, or keen on gaining valuable insights through our training programs, we offer various pathways for you to connect with us.


A picture of our Head of Employment stood at the front of a training room talking to a group of people

Fundraising for Impact

Whether it’s organising a charity run, hosting a bake sale, or setting up an online campaign, your fundraising efforts go a long way in supporting our mission.

Our events are carefully created to provide a deeper understanding of the challenges and successes of the individuals we support.


A picture of a training room at Belfast City Hall with people sat at round tables talking at a training session our Head of Employment delivered on Neurodiversity at Work

Knowledge, training and events

Our training programs are designed to educate and empower. Whether you are an individual seeking to understand neurodiversity better or an employer looking to create an inclusive workspace, our training sessions offer valuable insights. Explore these programs to expand your knowledge and contribute to a more inclusive society.

We encourage you to explore our dedicated fundraising and events pages for more detailed information. These pages offer a comprehensive overview of upcoming events, ongoing fundraising campaigns, and training schedules.

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