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Autism Plus Specialist Employment Services

Support for Neurodivergent individuals across the UK in finding jobs they love and help to succeed in workplaces that appreciate their unique skills and talents.

At Autism Plus, we understand that each person’s journey is distinct, shaped by their talents, passions, and Neurodivergent condition. Our approach is grounded in this understanding, making sure that our services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of the individuals we work with. We go beyond conventional employment support, recognising the value of harnessing the unique qualities of Neurodivergent individuals.

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Helping individuals to progress from potential through to opportunity

Our dedicated team helps individuals embrace their potential to secure and sustain opportunities. We believe that the journey to successful employment is through personalised guidance and specialist support. By building relationships with both our jobseekers and employers, we help to create an environment where skills flourish and workplaces evolve.

We provide tailored programmes to suit individual needs, listening to you and your experiences, and ensuring you and your aspirations are forefront of your support throughout.

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Creating inclusive workplaces

We are not just about finding jobs – we are also passionate about transforming workplaces. Through collaboration and understanding, we foster a culture of inclusion among employers. We help them to recognise the benefits of neurodiversity and provide the tools to create an environment where every individual can thrive.

The result of our approach?

True inclusivity creates more than just jobs, we are shaping fulfilling careers that contribute to a diverse and vibrant workforce. Enabling long term sustainable opportunities, across all sectors. Catering to the needs of neurodivergent individuals of all ability levels and from all background and skill levels.

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Support beyond job placement

Our commitment does not end with a successful job placement. We continue to support by our jobseekers and employers, providing ongoing support, guidance and mentoring. We are invested in long-term success, job satisfaction and career progression for those we support, making sure that the relationships we cultivate lead to lasting achievements.

We are keen to ensure that workplaces do not just offer low level positions, but see the potential in neurodivergent adults and allow them to achieve based on their skills, qualifications and potential.

Our service supports employers from all sectors from retail, to cybersecurity, manufacturing, teaching, government departments, policing, financial sector, as well as many others.


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Discover Autism Plus

If you are seeking further information about care support or social enterprises, please visit the Autism Plus website. With over 37 years of experience, our parent charity Autism Plus provide care and support for adults with autism, learning disabilities, and mental health conditions, including residential living, supported living, and social enterprises.

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