This job was not for you, what to do next and how to pick yourself back up and try again

Individuals with Neurodivergent conditions can often be very sensitive to rejection, especially after a high-stress situation.

Here are some tips to cope with missing out on that job you wanted:

Set yourself time to reflect on the interview

Set a time limit for reflection about your interview and write down things that you think went well and things you think you can improve on. Limit this time then try to turn these thoughts into actions, setting yourself goals of things to work on for next time.

Get moving physically

This helps your mind to start moving on too. You can not change the past, but you can learn from the experience and grow.

Consider the bigger picture

There could be many reasons why you were not chosen for a position. The company could have hired from within, hired someone they knew, had a difficult choice between strong candidates or any other reasons. It is not necessarily something you did wrong that stopped you from getting the job.

Plan an after-event

After your interview, plan to treat yourself to something you enjoy. Go for a coffee, watching a favourite program or getting involved in a favourite hobby. Remember that self-care is still important, and will keep your mind in a better position for the next interview.

Reach out to the employer

Ask for feedback – it is always good to know why you were not successful so that you can learn from this for next time.

Use your list 

Utilising the list of things you identified you can improve on and connect this to the feedback you got from the employer – write a list of things you need to work on, seek guidance and support to help you develop these skills for next time.

Use this to grow

Talk to people around you about what happened during the interview, this could be friends, family, or a job coach who can help you reflect on what might have gone wrong, or remind you of how good your answers were.


Every interview is experience and each interview is one step closer to that perfect job for you!

Unfair rejection 

If you feel your rejection was as a direct result of your disability then we advice that you take a look at the ACAS website for guidance on how to challenge this –  Acas | Making working life better for everyone in Britain

If you feel you would benefit from support at future job interviews or further support to prepare for interviews then take a look at our one-off support offer.

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