Seeking a diagnosis: Dyslexia

Unfortunately Dyslexia is one of the neurodivergent conditions that cannot be diagnosed under the NHS.

You can access dyslexia screening tools or assessments, some of which are available online either free or for a small charge, however these are not a way to formally diagnose yourself and are not always fully accurate.

Completing a screener online might be a good way to understand your needs and be able to identify adjustments you might need, such as if an overlay of a different colour might help you with your reading.

It is important to remember when looking for a dyslexia assessment that there is a big overlap with other neurodivergent conditions and sometimes symptoms can present in a similar way. Take some time to read our other resources on alternative Neurodivergent conditions too to see if you recognise any other traits in yourself.

If you do decide to complete a dyslexia screener then is usually a computer based assessment that will ask you to complete a series of tasks to determine if you have dyslexic tendencies.

Below are examples of how an online dyslexia screening tool can help you;

  • The results can be used to identify adjustments needed in a workplace
  • They can help with identifying a need for reasonable adjustments to a driving theory test

An online screener cannot help if you are seeking to apply for disability student allowance or for adjustments in formal qualification examinations. You would need a full assessment by a qualified assessor for either of these reasons.

BDA website has lots of useful links and resources of where you can go for a dyslexia assessment

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