Below are some of the frequently asked questions about our First Routes Support programme

An appointment is an opportunity to discuss your needs and find out more about our service. A member of our team will contact you beforehand and arrange either a face to face appointment or an online appointment depending on your location.

No, you do not need a diagnosis, when we meet you for your initial appointment we will discuss your needs and ensure that we are the right service for you whether you have a diagnosis or not.

It can be helpful if you have any diagnosis reports or occupational health reports to bring them along, but this is not necessary so do not worry if you do not have these available.

Support is usually delivered once a week for around 1 hour. We would discuss with you how your sessions would work and whether these would be online or at our office prior to the support starting.

This would depend on your needs. We have a 4 week notice period to end the support, we will continually review your needs and ensure the support meets your needs.

First Routes is our self-funded option for people who do not meet the criteria of any other project we deliver. Take a look at our programmes page to see if we have any other programmes to suit your needs. If not then it might be worth speaking to your local Adult Social Care team to see if they can fund additional support for you.

This would be where you have had a social care needs assessment and they have determined you have social care needs linked to employability. If social care meet this criteria then they might be able to pay for our support for you, they would agree with you how many hours they will fund and how long for.

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