Daniel’s Story

Daniel, a young man on the autism spectrum, sought support from Autism Plus to navigate the challenges of understanding and embracing his autism diagnosis. Despite his enthusiasm for cars, Formula 1, music, and travel, Daniel struggled with confidence and envisioning a future in the workforce.

Upon referral from the Growth Company for pre-employment support, Autism Plus assisted Daniel in developing his confidence and interview skills, preparing him for job searching. Recognising Daniel’s suitability for an apprenticeship role in the NHS, the Autism Plus Employment team facilitated an informal conversation with trust managers, leading to a successful interview conducted over Teams.

Despite the initial apprenticeship falling through, Daniel remained resilient, maintaining communication with the trust and eventually securing a project administrator position with the same organisation.

Daniel’s perseverance paid off as he embarked on his role as a project administrator for the NHS, experiencing personal and professional growth. An Autism Plus Employment Coach continued to support Daniel through the Access to Work program, aiding in the development of strategies and adjustments to accommodate his needs while also providing ongoing assistance in understanding and accepting his autism diagnosis.

“I am grateful to Autism Plus for being there when I needed them most and also very appreciative of the support that Autism Plus has provided to me and continues to do so in my current job role through the Access to Work program. After my confidence had been affected in my previous job role, Autism Plus has been supportive in helping to build that back up through the Access to Work program.”


We provided essential support and guidance, boosting Daniel’s confidence and self-esteem, leading to his success in securing a new position. By working closely with Daniel’s employer, we ensured the best opportunity for him to develop confidence and new skills, allowing Daniel to flourish in his role and tackle tasks he previously found daunting. Daniel continues to develop his knowledge and interests, enjoying cooking and perfecting a range of meals enjoyed by all.

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