Emilie’s Story

Emilie's journey with Autism Plus Employment Services has been one of transformation and growth. Living at home with her parents, she longed to create her own private space by redecorating her bedroom. However, she lacked the knowledge of budgeting and planning required to turn her vision into reality. Additionally, Emilie faced challenges in leaving her home regularly and struggled with forward planning.

With support from the Autism Plus Employment Services Multiply project, Emilie embarked on a journey of empowerment and independence. Together, we worked on budgeting and planning for her bedroom makeover, sourcing the best deals online for furniture, furnishings, and materials. Emilie meticulously planned her room layout, considering dimensions and costs, and budgeted monthly to afford the desired items. Through this process, she gained valuable skills in financial management and planning.

Moreover, Emilie’s newfound confidence extended beyond her home decor project. She began leaving the house more frequently, engaging in social activities with friends and taking her dog for walks. Encouraged by her progress, Emilie set her sights on becoming a responsible pet owner, budgeting for a snake enclosure and associated expenses. 

Looking ahead, Emilie is eager to continue her journey of growth. She plans to join the Rise to Thrive project with Autism Plus Employment Services, where she aims to pursue her business plan and explore part-time employment opportunities. Furthermore, through discussions with her parents and a review of her benefits, Emilie learned valuable life skills in financial responsibility and contributing to household expenses. 

Emilie’s story is a testament to the transformative impact of tailored support and guidance. With determination and the right support system in place, individuals like Emilie can overcome obstacles, realise their dreams, and achieve greater independence. 

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