Joshua’s Story

Joshua's journey with the Youth Hub has been one of determination and growth despite facing multiple challenges due to his neurodiversity and health conditions. With a strong desire to work as an IT assistant, Joshua demonstrated excellent IT qualifications and a strong work ethic, but lacked the required mathematics qualification for the role.

Through the support of the Youth Hub, Joshua received assistance in understanding his neurodiversity, accessing mental health support, and enhancing his employability skills. Sessions focused on developing a strong CV and cover letter, navigating lengthy application processes, and exploring alternative pathways to gain employment.

The support is really helpful and I enjoy how open everyone is.


Despite encountering obstacles, such as the requirement for Maths Level 2 in IT apprentice roles, Joshua remained proactive and determined. He secured a temporary part-time cleaning job within a remarkably short period, showcasing his dedication and willingness to work towards his goals.

During support sessions, efforts were made to address Joshua’s need for an Autism diagnosis and to access appropriate mental health support. Joshua’s commitment to self-improvement led him to enrol in key courses with PET-XI to enhance his employability skills further.

I’ve been working with Joshua for a few month now. I had to gain Joshua’s trust so he would open up to me so I could understand how I could make his working day a lot easier for him and for Josh to understand how he need to get to a standard of cleaning for the company. Me and josh talk daily and have some banter and have a laugh. Joshua’s worked through some difficulties he is hard working and turns up every day and is a genuine  nice young man who I have a lot of respect for and a friend, keep up the good work.

Keith, Supervisor

With ongoing support, including assistance with his Access to Work application, Joshua is thriving in his current role and continuing his journey towards his desired career path. His positive attitude, hard work, and resilience are commendable, earning him respect and admiration from his supervisor and colleagues.

Joshua’s story exemplifies the transformative impact of tailored support and determination in overcoming challenges and achieving personal and professional growth. With continued support and encouragement, individuals like Joshua can overcome barriers and pursue their aspirations with confidence and resilience. 

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