In work support specifically designed for neurodivergent individuals

We understand the importance of creating a workplace where neurodivergent individuals not only find employment but also thrive in their roles.  

We offer practical advice and guidance, resources, and tailored assistance to ensure you’re comfortable and successful in your job. From accommodating your needs to helping you build valuable skills, we are committed to fostering a workplace where diversity is celebrated, and everyone has the opportunity to excel in their chosen career path.

We deliver this support through Access to Work, a government funded employment programme designed to support individuals with disabilities or health needs. You might be experiencing barriers at work such as:

  • Settling into the team
  • Struggling to communicate your needs effectively
  • Experiencing challenges following ambiguous rules
  • Struggling to engage in meetings or training
  • Finding unstructured times challenging to navigate
  • Needing additional support to learn the unwritten rules of your workplace
  • You might need longer to learn a new task
  • You might need additional reassurance to ease anxieties

“Thanks to Autism Plus I feel more settled at work and I am no longer needing to take days off when I am anxious.”

Anonymous adult with ADHD who receives support through our In Work Programme
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