We are proud to work with so many large and small employers to raise awareness and understanding of neurodivergent conditions

We offer expert advice and support on adjustments in the workplace to help your employer become confident in supporting you in the workplace, providing support and guidance to help make your place of work a Neurodiversity friendly working environment.

We offer a range of support to employers including: In Work Support; Workplace Assessments, Support in Recruitment and Training and awareness.

If you are seeking support or ideas of where your employer can go for help then get in touch and we can discuss your and your employers individual needs.

An example of some of the employers we have worked with include:

  • NHS
  • Barclays Bank
  • Steris
  • BAE Systems Limited
  • Imperial College London
  • Leeds Trinity University
  • Sheffield City Council
  • Hull City Council
  • Ikea
  • South Yorkshire Police
  • Waitrose

As well as many others

Paul from Imperial College accessed our Workplace Assessment support for a member of his team:

To find out more about the support we offer to employers please visit the Employers section of our website for more detailed information.

“The support we received from Autism Plus has been extremely helpful first and foremost to our colleague, needing support at work. It has also been extremely helpful to me as the line manager. I would like to say that the personal and professional skills of the Autism Plus Consultant were very strong, but delivered in a caring, considered and bespoke manner, which our colleague appreciated very much. As line manager, I too was very grateful for the quality and depth of the report and Recommendations, which we used to work with our colleague and produce an Action Plan which is now in place.

The Autism Plus Consultant was excellent at helping our colleague more fully understand her condition and the best techniques to adopt. This is the key criteria for success of the programme and has clearly been achieved with more benefits still to come. One of Imperial College’s key values is Inclusivity and this work has embodied this value perfectly.

Thank you for a great job.”

Paul, Transformation Manager, Imperial College, London

To find out more about the support we offer to employers please visit the “Employers” section of our website for more detailed information.

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