Ben’s Story

Ben, a college graduate in Creative Media, faced challenges transitioning to the workforce due to anxiety and burnout. Despite independent travel skills, he struggled with interactions and found solace in technology and digital artwork. Supported by his mother, Ben sought employment opportunities aligned with his passions but lacked confidence and direction.

The Autism Plus Employment team helped Ben to identify his skills and interests, crafting an updated CV, and discussing the purpose of a disclosure statement. With personalised guidance, Ben learned to write compelling cover letters and express his aspirations for a career in creative media. To boost his confidence, appointments were transitioned from home to a venue in town, gradually introducing Ben to public transport and independent travel.

“The best thing about RISE for me was how friendly and pleasant my mentor was to speak with. I looked forward to my appointments with her every week.”


As Ben gained confidence, he ventured into volunteering opportunities that matched his interests. Designing for the Community Furniture Store in York allowed him to showcase his talents and contribute to social media campaigns. Through collaborative job searches, Ben explored various roles and applied independently, supported by ongoing mentorship.

Ben’s transformation was remarkable. He became more outgoing, regularly engaging in activities outside the house with newfound confidence. From independent shopping trips to enjoying social events like the Christmas market, Ben navigated social interactions with ease. His independence in job searching reflects his empowered mindset, knowing support remains available when needed.

”RISE has given me immense confidence in my skills and work capability. Dawn has given me a lot of great advice and guidance on finding employment. Not only this, she has been an incredible mentor figure that has been totally accepting and understanding of not just my autism, but also my identity as a transgender man. Whereas before I worked with RISE I couldn’t imagine myself finding a job, I now have the confidence and knowledge to find work that suits me.”


Ben attributes his newfound confidence and job readiness to the support provided by Autism Plus Employment Services. Dawn, his mentor, offered invaluable advice and understanding, empowering him to pursue suitable employment opportunities. Ben’s positive experience with Autism Plus reaffirmed his belief in his capabilities and provided a supportive environment to explore his identity and career aspirations.

Ben’s journey exemplifies the transformative impact of tailored support in empowering individuals with autism to achieve their employment goals. Through personalised guidance and mentorship, Autism Plus enabled Ben to overcome barriers, embrace his talents, and embark on a fulfilling career path.

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