Michael’s Story

Michael, a participant in our RISE programme, initially faced challenges engaging with external services like the jobcentre. His confidence was low, exacerbated by difficulties in travelling independently due to reliance on family members.

Our RISE project team began getting to know Michael, identifying his interests and aspirations for the future. Michael’s remarkable talents, such as assisting in building a WW2 tank, highlighted his potential. To bolster his employment prospects, the team collaborated with Michael to create a comprehensive CV. Additionally, they explored a security course opportunity. During the wait for the course, Michael began independent job searching, gradually gaining autonomy.

The proactive job search proved successful when Michael secured an interview within weeks. The role with was a local firm, who offered Michael a trial. His dedication and performance earned him extended work hours following the success of the trial period. His newfound employment not only provides financial stability but also enables him to afford driving lessons, symbolising his journey towards independence. This milestone opens avenues for potential future roles, including delivery jobs.

“My life has changed since being on the RISE. I have created a CV and learned to organise better.”


Michael’s transformation exemplifies the positive impact of personalised support and empowerment provided by the RISE project, fostering tangible outcomes and newfound opportunities for individuals like Michael.

“The best thing for me was the fact they came to my home when I was unable to go to them due to mum’s health issues.”

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