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Alfie’s Story

From a small remote village in North Yorkshire Adam was losing hope in his job search, our team supported him to secure his dream role in marketing through our Rise programme.

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Ben’s Story

Ben, a college graduate in Creative Media, faced challenges transitioning to the workforce due to anxiety and burnout. Despite independent travel skills, he struggled with interactions and found solace in technology and digital artwork. Supported by his mother, Ben sought employment opportunities aligned with his passions but lacked confidence and direction.

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Charlotte’s Story

Charlotte was supported to find a paid role after qualifying with a degree in broadcasting and journalism through our Rise programme.

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Photo of fabian sat on a chair looking at the camera

Fabian’s Story

We helped Fabian to talk about his anxieties and found coping methods that helped to ease them. We then developed a person-centred plan focusing on Fabian’s goals and aspirations, looking to the future and what he hoped to achieve.

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Image of Jack, an autistic gentleman stood next to coffee making machinery at work

Jack’s Story

While Jack has a wonderfully descriptive – and very relevant – analogy for autism – that has not always been the case. He struggles through school with undiagnosed autism, leaving him facing an uncertain future. His mum’s perseverance led to a diagnosis at 16 years old and an explanation as to why he found school so difficult.

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Image of Joe stood outside his workplace smiling with his hands in his pockets

Joe’s Story

When Joe came to our service he was off work on long term sick and had lost a lot of confidence, and struggling to see a way back.

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Robert’s Story

Covid saw Robert loose his employment and confidence too, with the support of our team we helped Robert overcome his barriers and move back into paid employment.

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Image of Soren, an autistic lady outside at Haven Caravan park with her work t-shirt on smiling at the camera

Soren’s Story

After being out of work for two years due to anxiety and depression, Soren joined our Thriving at Work project in North Yorkshire with goal of overcoming her mental health challenges and securing a paid job.

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